Objectives of Satyaseva Catechist sisters

The major activities under taken by us are:

Day care centers for the children of the poor working women to facilitate the mothers to go for work and earn their livelihood.

Providing education, formation and nutritional care for the day care children.

Non formal Evening school for the school drop outs .

Supplementary education for the school going children of the poor illiterate parents to facilitate their education and character formation enabling them to come up with their peer group and grow up with dignity.

Care and education of the poor children in difficult situations by running boarding homes who otherwise cannot be educated.

Family visits, individual and family counseling to build up the family relationships.

De-addiction activities with counseling and awareness programmes about the ill effects.

Empowerment of women through skill training, alternative employment oriented training, motivational camps, formation of self help groups, saving schemes, literacy classes, awareness programmes on health, hygiene and issues concerning women.Awareness programs and value education, on environmental and personal cleanliness.

Care of the aged, neglected or abandoned and the widows in collaboration with the non- governmental organization.

Other multiple humanitarian, charitable services as per the need of the loc ality.

School education and collaboration in the educational institutions of the rural areas and outskirts of the cities.